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Asian Gala 2016 b
March 8, 2012
March 8, 2012
Arena District Social Club-Celebrating Vietnamese Culture (5-31-
Bing Goei
Asian Gala 2016 d
March 8, 2012
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Asian Gala Night
The Asian Gala is an annual networking event which began in 2010.  The goal of this event is to connect the many talented and gifted Asian American professions to the broader West Michigan commuinity for the purpose of creating more opportunities to contribute to the richness of West Michigan. Proceeds from these Asian Gala has supported the health and scholarship programs of WMAAA. 
The event has featured keynote speakers:
2010 Doug DeVos, President of Amway
2011 David Van Andel, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Van Andel Institute

2012 Rick Snyder, Governer of Michigan

2013 Birgit Klohs, President & CEO of The Right Place, Inc.

2014 Richard Breon, President & CEO
 of Spectrum Health

2015 Brian Walker, President and CEO of Herman Miller Inc.